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Tara Judelle i Göteborg 10-11 Mars

2500,00 kr

11 platser kvar





Falken (Falkgatan 6-7), Redbergsplatsen,Göteborg

Inner Resource

This workshop is designed to resource the infinite potentiality of our numinous body/mind. Our capacity to alchemize our inner state has much to do with how we access the sacred anatomy that has been co-created over millions of years. The tantric tradition says we are a drop of consciousness containing all the properties of the universe. Resourcing that is a matter of diving into the energy that is already inherently present within the body instrument as a means for creating doorways for flow.

This workshop is for those practitioners and teachers that want to dive deeper into the subtle realms of yogaThe only requirements are an open mind, endless curiosity, and a willingness to play.

All workshops will include lecture, free movement and asana.

Session 1: Divine Channel

We are a conduit between the earth and the infinite realm. The Structural framework of our body is a channel for magnetism, resonance and intuition. Connecting into its innate framework is the technology of tantric yoga. In this class we will resource the architectural structure of our skeleton in order to create a clear channel for listening, receiving and acting.

Session 2: Vertical Core

The human body holds three centers of awakening that each offer different vibrational frequencies, like a chord that has a base, middle and top note. These three centers, when open, form a multi-dimensional access intuition, and offer the capacity to see, love, and act.

Session 3: The Knowledge beneath Thought

By melting the inner structures of the central nervous system, shifting into the parasympathetic nervous system, we can access a fluid pulse that allows the usual holding patterns to release and the authentic ground to come online, moving from a point of ease, and resource an awareness that moves from being.

Session 4: Matrix of Chi

The fascial flows are durable, effervescing, intelligent sparks that hold a tensegrity and huge amounts of potential energy. Tapping into this matrix can create inner slipstreams to ride into pure flow states. By tuning into this webwork of our inner structure we can unlock huge amounts of energy, release old structures and create space for the bigness of our now Self.

About Tara:

Tara has been teaching yoga internationally for 16 years, motivated by her strong desire to enable her students to realize their full and joyous multi-dimensional selves.  To further that goal, in 2014 she co-created with Scott Lyons the School of Embodied Flow to innovate the method and means of the yogic conversation, weaving tantric philosophy, skillful movement and playful humor into her facilitation.  She curates Embodied Flow yoga happenings to incite students towards expanded consciousness and an awakened experience of themselves. Her dynamic style brings ease and authenticity into a new yoga culture.

More than thirty years of experimentation with forms of flow including dance, Tai Chi, movement improvisation, music, theater and, ultimately, yoga, led Tara to develop methods of communicating the intangible into the immediate and creating experiences for group exploration.  Language as an early passion, an English degree from Barnard College, post-graduate studies in theater directing, and a brief career in film writing and directing all drove Tara to look deeper into the metaphysical pursuits of yoga and meditation.

Originally certified in the hatha Anusara® method, since 2006 Tara has studied extensively with meditation and Tantric philosophy scholars Sally Kempton and Carlos Pomeda.  The cannon of work by Body-Mind Centering® and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen opened new facets of the the tantric methodology, inspiring a shift in intention of Tara’s teaching towards the embodiment based approach of Embodied Flow.

Starting in 2009 she has helped shape the yoga conversation streaming around the world as a featured teacher on In 2010 Tara moved from her base in Los Angeles to direct a retreat center in Bali, Indonesia and since 2012 she has moved throughout the globe with no fixed base, as she facilitates workshops, retreats and teacher trainings worldwide.


Lokalen beror på gruppstorleken, exakt plats meddelas ca 1 vecka innan workshopen men kommer vara centralt i Göteborg antingen på Konstepidemin eller en central yoga eller dansstudio. Den här workshopen kan bara bokas i sin helhet även om du inte kan gå alla sessioner. Avbokning sker endast mot uppvisande av läkarintyg och en administrationskostnad om 1000kr dras från summan som återbetalas.

Tara kommer till oss som en extra extra sista minuten bokning! Om du vet att du ska gå men vill vänta med betalningen så skriv till mig på [email protected] så kan du få en faktura.