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Moving into Purpose – 20h Online Training with Anja, (Dec 2019)

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Moving into Purpose.

Starts December 2019 (course access for 1 year)


Welcome to study with me in the name of purpose! This course is created to take you into the feeling of yourself and getting to know yourself through presence so that you can grow the trust of your felt sense of yourself, others and the world. Purpose is something we usually try to think our way to understanding. What if we instead reverse our dominant ways of *thinking* our way through life and get to know the *feeling* of life? Purpose will reveal itself, in waves of feeling, and ‘knowing’ that feeling. This may or may not translate into an ability to put words to that purpose. The words of ability to communicate your purpose to others is not the aim of this course. The aim is growing your capacity to feel it, move in relationship to it so you can navigate with greater ease. We do this through movement primarily!

Movement is the first language of our bodies and that’s why we will focus mostly on movement. Yoga, somatics and shorter movement practices to balance the nervous system is part of every months material.

The course will provide a few different ways to move with each theme, but the over-arching monthly themes are:

  1. Developmental patterns and the root of purpose
  2. Dimensional spine, glands and the subtle body
  3. Weight bearing through the upper body, breath and initiating from the organs
  4. Weight bearing through the lower body and the spiral body in movement
  5. Fluid body, waves of knowing and unknowing

 Each month you will receive:

1 movement & yoga workshop 2 hours long

1 pre-recorded yoga-classes to support your explorations 1-1,5 hours long

How to work it in the classroom 30 minute lecture ( if you are a yoga teacher and wish to bring it to your classes)

1 somatic exploration 20 mins

1 meditation 15 mins

1 LIVE call with Anja and the group. Includes 15 mins of practice and 30 mins of reflections, sharing and Q & a’s. The calls are monthly december- april.

Total of 20 hours of training. You can study at your own pace and have access to the course for a full year.

In addition there will be monthly suggested resources: book suggestions, podcasts and film clips, all aimed at lighting the spark of curiosity and inspiration. There are no musts in this course, just an invitation to dive deeper if a certain topic is extra interesting to you.

There is no falling behind, there is not too much material provided monthly to confuse you. If you do 1 hour of study weekly you will have plenty of time to get to the material.

Welcome to join the journey!