Make your Love Known

10000,00 kr

Spring retreat on the magical island of Skiathos, Greece

With Anja Bergh & Satu Tuomela

9 -16th of may, 2017

Price: 10 000 swedish kronas or 1050 euros.



Join us for a week on the beautiful green greek island of Skiathos. To practice love through movement, meditation and togetherness. Summer is just around the corner but spring is in full bloom! The ocean is only warm enough for the bravest of you but (18 degrees) we have a pool with stunning views! We will do our practice outside around the pool to be immersed, loved, by the elements. May temperatures are normally 23 degrees during the day and drops to 10 at night. So bring both your sandals and warm socks.

The practices of Embodied Flow™ offer a way to turn to this moment now and heal through presence. When freedom, one might call it love, is found, our invitation is to lean further into that space however far away from your perceived notion about what it should look like or feel like may be. We all need to practice this kind of love and to make it known to the whole being, so it eventually penetrates your whole world. This is how we change the world by our presence, by making our love known!

Skiathos holds the opportunity for lots of hiking, both in the hills and on one of its 60 beaches and the island has many yummy eateries for you to explore. If you want to eat in, our beautiful villas have kitchens for you to cook. Breakfast is included but lunch and dinner is up to you to decide where you want to eat. There is also the opportunity to come with us on a boat trip to Tsougria just a few mins from Skiathos for hiking and picknick.

Satu and Anja are staying in a separate villa because of their baby boys who might otherwise keep you up late at night. But they will hang out at Hakuna Matata with you all and are looking forward to exploring different restaurants, hiking and go on other adventures with you as well as plenty of yoga!

Daily schedule:

Morning meditation and 2 yoga classes.
One morning at least for sunrise meditation and one evening at least for sunset meditation and for the full moon on the 10th, yep – full moon ceremony!

Big house:

Hakuna Matata 10 000 swedish krona or € 1050
4 double bed bedrooms for sharing with someone you love friend or partner (there is only a double bed in the room and it cannot be separated into two beds. Time to get cozy).
1 room with bunk bed

Yoga and lodging and breakfast included
Travel not included
Lunch and dinner not included (food prices are reasonable on the island, more fun to explore the local scene or to cook in and eat at our beautiful veranda)

Travel to the island is limited!! You have to fly via athens and catch the following connection with aegan air. We recommend checking availability on these flights immediately and before buying your return to athens to make sure you definitely make it to the island.

To skiathos: May 9th at 05:25 in the morning

From Skiathos: May 16th at 06:30 in the morning

Another alternative is to fly with Ryan air from Gothenburg to Thessaloniki and take a bus to Volos from there and then catch the ferry to Skiathos. For the more adventurous traveller that is.. But – very cheap flights though from Gothenburg, Helsinki, Stockholm etc.!

Here is the beautiful venue:

You can reserve your spot by reservation fee either in SEK or EURO. Please email us to make a reservation asap . For Anja and Satu

We are absolutely thrilled and cannot wait to share this with you.

X, Anja & Satu